Bio  gentle  iron

Bio gentle iron

Liquid  gentle  iron, for  optimal  absorption

Chewable  Zinc + Vitamin  C

Chewable Zinc + Vitamin C

Passion  fruit  flavored  lozenges  of  zinc  and  vitamin  C 

Chromium  Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate

An  increased  dosage  of  500  mcg  of  chromium  picolinate  in  a  capsule

Friendly  iron

Friendly iron

With  vitamin  C, folic  acid  and  vitamin  B-12, for  an  excellent  absorption

Iron  liposofer

Iron liposofer

With  vitamin  C, folic  acid  and  vitamin  B-12, for  an  excellent  absorption

Liquid  Bio  Calcium

Liquid Bio Calcium

Liquid  calcium  for  optimal  absorption  with  an  addition  of  magnesium, zinc  and  vitamin  D3

Magnesium  520  from  magnesium  oxide

Magnesium 520 from magnesium oxide

Especially  high  concentration  of  magnesium  oxide, non-acidic  form  which  is  the  best  absorbed  one

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