Chewable  Zinc + Vitamin  C

Chewable Zinc + Vitamin C

Passion  fruit  flavored  lozenges  of  zinc  and  vitamin  C 

Chromium  Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate

An  increased  dosage  of  500  mcg  of  chromium  picolinate  in  a  capsule

Friendly  iron

Friendly iron

With  vitamin  C, folic  acid  and  vitamin  B-12, for  an  excellent  absorption

Iron  liposofer

Iron liposofer

With  vitamin  C, folic  acid  and  vitamin  B-12, for  an  excellent  absorption

Magnesium  520  from  magnesium  oxide

Magnesium 520 from magnesium oxide

Especially  high  concentration  of  magnesium  oxide, non-acidic  form  which  is  the  best  absorbed  one

Magnesium  taurate

Magnesium taurate

This  formula  is  a  unique  combination  of  magnesium  that  is  bound  to  the  amino  acid  taurine

Magnesium  well

Magnesium well

A  unique  formula  that  contains  magnesium, zinc  and  vitamin  B6

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