Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's  disease  is  a  disease  that  belongs  to  dementia  diseases, it  is  related  to  a  gradual  degeneration  of  neurons  in  different  parts  of  the  brain  which  are  responsible  for  thought, memory  and  language. The  disease  is  characterized  with  a  process  of  memory  loss, confusion  and  physical  exhaustion. The  process  of  the  disease  is  gradual, it  is  being  expressed  by  a  decrease  of  cognitive  functioning  which  is  accompanied  with  worsening  memory  problems, with  character  changes (sometimes  with  a  tendency  to  grumpiness), dementia  and  a  loss  of  significant  parts  of  daily  functioning  appear  in  the  progressed  situation  of  the  disease.
The  outbreak  of  the  disease  is  related  to  varied  factors: genetics, gender, nutrition (a  chronic  deficiency  of  B12  vitamin, folic  acid, zinc, selenium), behavioral  factors.
Recently, it  is  becoming  clearer  that  preserving  vigorous  cerebral  activity (studying, solving  crossword  puzzles, memory  and  puzzle  games) might  help  preventing  or  delaying  the  outbreak  of  the  disease.

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