Bioflavonoids  is  a  group  of  4,000  substances  which  are  in  charge  of  the  colors  of  the  plant  world. Bioflavonoids  have  an  important  and  varied  biological  activity. Bioflavonoids  co-operate  with  vitamin  C  and  improve  its  absorption  and  its  activity. The  biological  activity  of  the  bioflavonoids  is  being  expressed  by  protecting  blood  vessels, strengthening  them  and  maintaining  their  flexibility. In  addition, the  bioflavonoids  also  have  anti-inflammatory, anti-viral  and  anti-oxidative  activity  and  they  also  support  the  immune  system. Sources  for  bioflavonoids  from  food  are: many  spices, fruit (mostly  citrus, strawberries, blueberries) and  vegetables (green  and  red  peppers, tomatoes) and  many  additional  varied  edible  herbs.

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